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Interview with Patrick Gilmore

Medal of Honor Airborne Producer Tour (Poland)

Patrick Gilmore visited Warsaw on 18 April. Below we are presenting the short interview with him.

How many people are making the game?

Patrick Gilmore: We have 82 people in team right now.

What are the PC system requirements for Medal of Honor Airborne?

Patrick Gilmore: We have not released the inspect requirements yet, we expect to release it in about 6 to 8 weeks, because we are still settling on producing the best experience we can on the most affordable machines available. So we are not quite sure where we're gonna end up.

How many hours will take to pass single player in Medal of Honor Airborne?

Patrick Gilmore: Single player for expert about 10 hours, for an intermediate player probably closer to 15. It's a pretty big range because the game is so open and so variable that it takes different types of players and pretty dramatic different amounts time to finish.

Will we see some new weapons?

Patrick Gilmore: My favorite weapon that I haven’t seen in Medal of Honor before is M18 recoilless rifle, which is a basically a bazooka size rifle, that's used for taking out tanks. Although it's a rocket-propelled round, he barrel is rifled, and it doesn’t shoot like a rocket, it shoots like a giant bullet, and its really a powerful and really cool weapon.

Medal of Honor goes only for PS3, Xbox360 and PC. How about Nintendo Wii?

Patrick Gilmore: No, we have just released Medal of Honor Vanguard for the Wii. I think that Wii is such a unique platform, that we wanna do something unique with the controllers with the franchise.

Why Airborne is using Unreal 3 engine? Its the best engine for new Medal of Honor game?

Patrick Gilmore: Most people when they see games that are using Unreal 3, they tend to look at the end product, they look at the graphic quality. It's pretty stunning what it can do in run time, but a huge part of the benefits of the engine is actually in the tools, workflow and the pipelines that really unlock the abilities for designers of the game. I was very critical for our choice because the work environment that Unreal provides is awesome.

About how many multiplayer maps will be in Medal of Honor Airborne?

Patrick Gilmore: We are doing a big multiplayer announcement in about 6 weeks, so I can’t say too much about it. The only thing that I can really say about multiplayer, it's sort of a classic Allied Assault style, very accessible, easy to get it, easy to find the game. We took all Allied Assault stuff and added verticality so you can jump from airplanes in multiplayer.

Will we find in Airborne an anti-cheat program?

Patrick Gilmore: Yes. Again, I am not announcing too much about mutliplayer at this point, but yes, we will do some anti-cheat.

Will the game code will be open for fans modifications?

Patrick Gilmore: Same answer. The fact that we are using Unreal III engine means that we have a lot of built-in mod functionality. And we want to take it even further, and open up the game set for people who mod, add on cool things.

When we will be able to play a demo version of Airborne on PC?

Patrick Gilmore: We are hoping to release a demo about month before we launch. We are supposed to announce the launch date in the next 6 weeks.

Here you can find some photos from the meeting

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